Thursday, April 14, 2016

Elle's On A No Buy

 It's only been two days since I officially started my no buy.

I have been on the Sephora website three times. Watched about 10 makeup hauls. And read countless reviews on products I have no interest in purchasing.


I have enough makeup. No amount of makeup is going to make me feel better about myself.
I'm not going to look like a Supermodel because I buy a new foundation. A new eyeshadow palette is not going to make my eyes larger. A new lipstick isn't going to make my teeth straight.

So why do I want to believe it will? That I will find the perfect products and my life will be forever changed?

There is no hair product that will give me thicker hair.
                                            Have you seen my Influenster unboxing? 

There is no skin product that will thin my face. No brow product to give me flawless eyebrows.

So many of us search for these 'unicorn' products to change our world. No product can do that. But we can change ourselves. We can change our attitudes and behaviors and begin to believe in ourselves.

So that's it for now. I'm beginning to believe.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Attempting a No Buy (for real this time!)

I need to do a no buy.

A real no buy. Not one where I keep making excuses and find reasons to buy new items. But a financially motivated no buy with real, firm goals in place.

Financially, I need to take a purchasing hiatus. I am still on maternity leave, which means my pay is currently less than half of what it normally is, and will be until I return to work in September.

I have a large furniture payment due in September.

And...Wait for it... I'm going to IMATS in Toronto, which is October 1-2.

So buying things I don't REALLY need, like the Sweet Peach palette above, has to stop.

And I am prepared to do so.

So starting now, the month of my birthday, and after a few 'treat yo self' treats from Sephora. I vow to begin my Beauty No Buy.

Wish me luck!