Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thoughts on Purchasing and Panning

Hello friends!

I feel terrible that I don't use this blog as much as I should.

I've been posting more on my Instagram recently, and it's been an enlightening way to look at my makeup stash. I don't like calling it a collection, because then it sounds like something I'm building upon when in reality I'm trying to get rid of or use products up.

Showcasing products new and old has helped me feel inspired.

I'm not an expert photographer, but I'm learning. And I'm learning to be okay with not having all the newest things.

Don't get me wrong, I love makeup. Right now, at this point in my life, if I could have any job in the world it would be in the beauty industry. Something that allowed me to play with makeup.

But that's not the case. And I don't have the financial ability to keep buying. I'm the mother of a 15-month old boy, for one. A homeowner, for two. Life is expensive. And luxuries are not always something I can indulge in. Although, I have been. And I know it needs to stop. Seeing the bills add up is quite the reality check.

So I'm making due. I'm working with what I have. And I'm more motivated than ever to pan. I want to finish things up that I don't love so I can move them out. Too much clutter weighs me down. It's hard to find inspiration when you're staring at a box full of more than 200 lipsticks. And many that look vaguely the same.

I want to work on improving my skills- from makeup application, to photography, to video editing. And I don't need the newest products to do that.

So my Instagram and my YouTube channel, and yes, this blog, won't showcase the newest shiny things it will showcase my hard work and determination. The newest highlighter won't be seen on my feed, but I will shine a light on my focus. You won't see new eyeliners or blushes. No new creams, powders, or liquids. But maybe you will find some inspiration. Maybe you will find the desire to shop your own stash instead of shopping the shelves at Sephora or Wal*Mart. And maybe, just maybe, you will start your own makeup rehabilitation journey.

So what do you say? Are you with me?